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Scott's Box Shot Maker 4.0

The Scott's Box Shot Maker program is a unique marketing tool and image-editing software that creates a virtual package for your product. A box shot is a colorful image of the box in which your product would be packaged if it were on the shelf at a software store. Now you can use your company's existing logos and promotional images to create a virtual box with ease, whether you've actually developed packaging or not. Box shots are a key motivating factor in potential customers' perception of overall product quality and their willingness to download your product.

Once you've downloaded and installed the Scott Box Shot program, simply click on Tucows founder Scott Swedorski's beautiful, yet somewhat disturbing face, and follow the instructions for placing images on the box's front and side. You can then manipulate the width, depth and orientation of your new packaging until you've come up with the perfect at-a-glance representation of your marketing message.

The latest build of this neat application features some very cool additions including:

  • NEW Ability to add text to the image
  • The ability to drag and drop images
  • Support for multiple file types
  • The ability to choose the angle at which your boxshot is displayed
  • The ability to choose the final image dimensions

    Scott Box Shot is currently available free of charge to all Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000/Me/NT/XP users. Unfortunately, it is not yet available for operating systems other than Windows.

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